SupMix 20″ 62cc Chainsaw Review – My Experience

This one has been a long time coming.

I actually ordered one of these almost eight weeks ago, but it took nearly six weeks to arrive.

The first shipment was apparently lost, and the second shipment landed while I was out of town on a work/cutting trip.

After using it for a couple of weeks and maybe 30+ hours of cutting, I’m eager to tell you my thoughts. First, the basics…

SupMix 20″ 62cc Chainsaw Specs

SupMix 20″ 62cc Chainsaw – click >>Here<< to check Amazon’s latest prices
    • 4.2 Hp
    • 62cc
    • 2-stroke engine
    • front and rear anti-vibration handles
    • electronic ignition
    • 8500 rpm max
    • low kickback chain
    • chainsaw weight 14 lbs

Contents include:
guide bar
spark plug
tool kit
2L fuel mixing bottle
oil hopper
instruction manual


This SupMix comes in a box somewhat unassembled just like any other brand new saw. You have to install the bar and the chain, then set the tension.

There are a few other things you have to do before you use it the first time, but unless it’s your first saw, you won’t have any surprises. And if it is your first saw, no worries, they have enough documentation that you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Of course you will want to premix the oil and gas. And don’t forget to fill up the bar/chain oil.

My Review

This thing starts easily. I have heard some folks complaining about getting it started, but I often wonder if those are people that complain about starting all saws. I had no trouble hot or cold, a few pulls of the cord and it was rip-roaring.

It cuts really well. Plenty of power, nice and straight, no stumbles.

SupMix 20″ 62cc Chainsaw – to review latest pricing click >>HERE<<
It does seem to like full-throttle, and doesn’t like being run hard at lower rpm. But most gas saws are like that.

One of the few complaints I have is about the noise. Wow, this thing is loud!

Maybe the Supmix guys spent their money on a good engine and chain and carb and scimped on their muffler?

I always wear hearing protection, and you should too. But this saw is very loud, and your neighbors (if they are close) are going to know it.

The other thing is replacement parts. There is a certain amount of confusion about what chain the saw needs. For clarification, it takes a 0.325″ pitch, 76 link, 0.058″ gauge. They are not hard to find.

Like I said at the beginning of the article, I put probably 30 or more hours on this saw. If you went on a 30 hour long date, you’d know that lady/guy pretty well, right?

This thing is thirsty for fuel, but it is 4.2 HP, and I ran it hard.

It has good balance, and the ergonomics are decent. I mentioned earlier in the specs that they list it as 14 lbs. It’s no lightweight, but these days with big honking batteries for battery chainsaw versions, the gas versions can feel lighter and even sporty in comparison.

The saw cuts fast, and the chain seemed both sharp and durable. Over the course of several days and the 30 hours, I did some basic sharpening, just hitting it with a quick file. Check my post about sharpening if you need the help.

I did not have any problems with tensioning, or kickback.

I’m always careful to keep bar oil filled. Running one dry is a great way to wreck the bar, the chain, and even stress the motor. I did notice once that the bar oil usage seemed to slow down compared to the fuel usage and run time. It made me think I had a clog in the bar, or maybe the pickup in the tank isn’t positioned well.

That isn’t necessarily a complaint, just something I noticed that made me suspicious. So if you buy one of these, keep a careful eye on it and top it off frequently.

So that’s my review. It’s a good saw, and an incredible bargain for the money. If you want to check latest pricing, you can click here.

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