NEO-TEC NS8105 36″ 105 cc Chainsaw Review

Sometimes, bigger is better. And sometimes you need a giant saw to do a giant job.

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Neotec claims their NS8105 chainsaw is a professional grade saw made for heavy-duty work like logging, felling massive trees, or cutting large diameter wood.

Over the last few years, they have gotten a pretty good reputation in the saw industry, and I have been wanting to try out one of their saws.

I was hired by a guy about an hour’s drive from me to cut up a huge 48″ plus thick tree that blew down on this property. I knew I was going to need a beast of a saw, and I saw this as an opportunity to order one of these Neotec 36-inchers and put it to the test.

NeoTec NS8105 – My Review

Right out of the box, this thing started right up and gave me no issues cutting.

It was always easy to start, whether hot or cold. And very easy to assemble.

The weight is a bit unwieldy, but that can be said of any saw that is sporting a 36″ bar and screaming to 6.5 Hp.

You definitely do not want to use something this big just for fun. I had to cut a very large diameter tree, and that fully justified a monster chainsaw.

The little support rod that braces the rubber-gripped handle to the bucking spikes was interesting. I think they added this just to stiffen the saw up, and it seems to work well. I wonder why more manufacturers don’t do this?

It has a 680 ml (23 oz) fuel tank. I hope you like buying fuel, because running this thing hard sure uses it. Again, this isn’t the saw’s fault – any big saw is going to be a gas hog. It seemed like I was constantly refueling it.

Despite a few of those drawbacks (the weight and the fuel usage), the power is addictive. Cranking on that trigger and bearing down on the handle means this thing slices through hardwood like some kind of nuclear powered buzzsaw.

The chain, right from the factory, seems to be set up just right, not too aggressive and not too lazy.

Same goes for the bar oil tank. It holds 360 ml (12 oz) and I ran through several tanks. It really has to crank out the oil to keep a chain/bar this long oiled.

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I put this thing through it’s paces through a long, hard weekend, and it never missed a beat. It really is a good bargain, and I’m interested in trying out some more of Neotec’s saws.

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